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Registered Charity number: 1119642

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3 Chichester Road, Southend SS1 2JP


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Fishers of Men Outreach Fishers of Men Outreach

SOUTHEND Charity Shop located at 13 Chichester Road, Southend on Sea SS1 2JP

Fishers of Men Outreach

You may be asked to sort donations, price goods, work on the till, and create window displays. Special skills are not often required as training is given on the job. If you have experience in other areas, tell the shop manager as it can often be put to use.

Being a volunteer need not interfere with your other commitments.

On Incapacity Benefit? You can volunteer without payment being affected. If you claim Job Seeker’s Allowance you should not be affected if you are still ‘actively seeking and available for work’. Whichever benefit you receive, inform your benefits agency if doing voluntary work.

To talk to us about Volunteering call 07404 913466,

email us or use our Web Form

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The Charity Shop at Southend is now Open

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