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Dear Friends,

Everyone aspires to lead a life of success and there are many paths to achieving this. In his book, The Seven Gateways to Success, Michael A. Ayeni reveals a number of ways for reaching success that are carved from biblical truths.

Learn the seven golden rules which you can use as guiding principles for the choices you make in your life and drive towards success.

This book is both a road map for the journey to living a victorious life and a wellspring of inspiration.

Each page radiates encouragement and hope for those who are on the verge of giving up their dreams.

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Michael Ayeni

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Obey it and you will automatically obey all God’s commands. By the same token, the profound truth that ‘Vision and mission are the hallmarks of greatness’ constitutes the royal road to success!  If you allow yourself to be ruled by this principle, you are bound to observe all seven of the golden rules that are laid down in this book.

It is, you might say, the secret of life.

Michael Ayeni is the founder and Minister in Charge of Fishers of Men Outreach, a charitable Christian organisation in Essex, England ministering to the needs of the local people as well as helping relieve poverty wherever it arises.  He is a naturally creative person. Born in Laghos, Nigeria, he received both his primary and secondary education there.

He attended also The Polytechnic Ibadan, in Oyo State, Nigeria, where he obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts.  He completed his education in England, obtaining his first degree at the world-famous Cordwainers College, London in Footwear Design and Technology and his second, in the same subject at De Montfort University, Leicestershire.  He is a consultant in fashion footwear design and technology.

His ordinary background has been a major motivating factor in his quest for success, success in the fullest and truest sense of the word which he is at pain to explain in this book. He is a charismatic figure, whose talents as a communicator are undeniable. He is widely in demand as an inspirational speaker.

The Seven Gateways to Success was born out of a deep-seated desire on his part to achieve the success of helping others live a successful life. He does so by analyzing the seven golden rules which have been the guiding principles behind the choices he has made in his adult life.


ccording to the Bible, ‘You shall love your neighbour as    yourself’’is the ‘royal law’(see Biblical quotes on page 36).

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